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Shipping Information

All shipping costs paid by the customer in full. Under normal circumstances, MDS will be arranged with the following procedures: 


Customers / Members may choose to visit the company (Room 503, 5/F Block D, On Lok Factory Building, 95 Ha Heung Road, Tokwawan, Kowloon, HK) and seeking goods.

Must pick up within three months (Days from the date of the notification letter shall prevail), otherwise deemed a waiver of any loss thus caused, MDS is not responsible for and refund. 

MDS will retain the final decision, without notice.

SF Express

Charges and details, please refer to the following URL: 

Local Fee Schedule: http: // 

Such as the closing address for sending pieces of non-industrial and commercial areas in Hong Kong, home to close school charge the $ 18 per ticket, such as in remote areas of Hong Kong, home to close school charge the HK $ 30 per ticket, surcharges and freight bound (send payment or to pay), to close the aging sending pieces need to add one working day. 

Coverage bias Area: http: // 

After confirming the receipt of payment, MDS will email (Shipping notification letter) notice of receipt arrangement (invoice number / shipping / send goods date). 

Customers / Members freight costs as a result of any loss caused, MDS is not responsible. MDS will retain the final decision, without notice. 

If there is no special reason or indicate the general goods after receiving payment will be mailed three to four working days. 

All delivery services are required after the first payment arrangements for delivery. 

Payment is as follows: 

  1. Bank Deposit: Customers / Members may deposit the total amount of goods our HANG SENG BANK ACCOUNT 228-756524-883, after scanning e-mail to 

  2. Paypal account: (required to pay 4% paypal fee)


As English is different, all to the Chinese version shall prevail.

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