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Bonus Point Program 

How to earn Member Points: 

Member Where in MDS shopping $ 1 per HKD, you can get a point bonus points. 

How to redeem rewards gift: 

  1. Members can learn Redemption details in the "Bonus Point Program" inside. 

  2. Members must when shopping in the information (shopping basket layout) within the integral notify us redemption. 

  3. Points Redemption after we receive the information, along with members of the gift will immediately arrange for the goods ordered together to arrange the delivery. 

  4. Points will be deducted on the day of receipt of the information, members must check their own "my points." If you have any questions, you can notify us immediately. 

Terms and Conditions: 

  1. MDS Bonus Points Scheme only applies to registered MDS member. 

  2. Member Where in MDS shopping $ 1 per HKD, you can get a point bonus points. MDS reserves the right to change the amount of points required for obtaining, without required notice. 

  3. Cumulative points will be set out in the "My Points" on. (Login> My Account> My Points) 

  4. Zhuo can gift redemption points out in "Bonus Gift" inside. 

  5. Points have a deadline of one year (with members from the date of registration). Members are required to check their own integral condition, MDS will not be notified individually. 

  6. Overdue credits, and cancel membership of the points will be automatically canceled and may not be used for any gift redemption. 

  7. Points are not transferable to any other person. 

  8. Redemption will depend on the time available for the accumulation of points and the final decision of MDS. If you do not have enough points, the redemption request will automatically be canceled. MDS renewal application has been accepted, can not make any changes, cancellation or refund. 

  9. Redemption after MDS accepted, will arrange for the goods ordered members together to arrange the delivery. 

  10. MDS does not bear any loss related to cash redemption of coupons by this plan or gifts, the responsibility for damage or theft. 

  11. Gifts will be first-come redemption. If the specified redemption of gift stock, MDS has the right to not notice a similar situation to the value of the gift instead. 

  12. All Points Redemption of gift needed by the member responsible for shipping costs. 

  13. MDS has endeavored to ensure the accuracy of bonus points appearing in the information within, but responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information does not undertake. If any incorrect or missing, MDS reserves the right to make the final decision. 

  14. All images and product characteristics for informational purposes only. Unless otherwise stated, all gifts of redemption until the deadline ended December 31, 2015. Limited supply of gift, while stock lasts. MDS reserves the right to change the gift supply of discretion, without having to notice. If necessary, MDS reserves the right to close the gift instead, without notice. 

  15. In case of any fraud or abuse methods to earn points or redemption, MDS right to cancel all members' cumulative points. 

  16. MDS may at any time and without prior notice or liability under the circumstances, terminate reward scheme, cancel or modify its offer, modify, add or remove any terms and conditions, cancellation or conversion merchant, amend or restrict the value of integration and / or the redemption the way. 

  17. MDS anything and dispute the final decision will prevail. 

  18. As English is different, all to the Chinese version shall prevail.

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