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Trading Conditions

MDS Order Terms 

  1. All orders are subject to commodity prices and supply restrictions, under no circumstances are recognized when the price of the order shall prevail. 

  2. Delivery time may be affected by the supply of goods, delivery process, and in the case of outside control range can cause delays, MDS will not be responsible. 

  3. Customers placing an order, the required commitment of all the information provided is true and accurate. Information provided as a result of errors or deficiencies, etc. lead to any problems, MDS is not responsible. 

  4. Cost price and all its related services purchasing goods can be caused by differences in the case of any factor. Orders are confirmed when prices prevail. 

  5. MDS will try to avoid the goods are damaged in transit. But by the customer shall be borne by all of the risks and losses incurred resulting from the process of mailing and delivery of, MDS is not responsible. 

  6. MDS will endeavor to ensure that all products displayed on the website details, description and price for the accurate, but it is not free from error. 

  7. If you find the price of any goods ordered by the customer is wrong, the restaurant will notify the customer as soon as possible, so that customers choose to confirm or cancel the order. 

  8. If you repeatedly unable to contact the customer, the shop will be treated as canceled orders. So for any loss caused, MDS is not responsible. 

  9. MDS the right to amend the terms and conditions of all relevant reserves, without prior notice, this proposal when customers visit the company website nor browse related terms and Conditions, in order to avoid causing any unnecessary controversy. 

MDS replacement rules 

  1. Must hold a valid receipt or order confirmation, and in seven days from the date of purchase to contact us via email, we will replace scheduled for 3-4 working days liaison and notification. 

  2.   Such as non-MDS problems or mistakes, MDS will not be liable for any costs related to courier services or any other services caused by the return or exchange. 

  3. If there are problems on the quality of goods can be exchanged. But does not include any color, size or goods do not meet customer expectations and imagine other issues, nor does it include any damage caused by transportation. 

  4. No refund service. 

  5. Once all the goods to use, modify, assemble, install, and because of the damage caused by improper use, covers non-refundable. 

  6. All discounted items are not returnable. 

  7. Customers must retain all the tags on goods, goods intact and in clean condition can be exchanged once. 

  8. When a replacement, as the amount of goods traded goods is less than the original amount, the difference will not be refunded. 

  9. Most goods due to health problems, not returnable. [MDS will be noted in the Introduction to the goods, without prior notice] 

  10. MDS will retain the final replacement decision.

As English is different, all to the Chinese version shall prevail.

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